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Austin Jack Noyce - 4/21/2013

Sunday, April 21st (37 1/2 weeks)

Water broke 3am.  Showered.  Intense contractions (like 6-7 on scale to 10).  Called UT Dad.  Called Jenny Stoker.  Dropped kids off @ Jenny's around 4am.  (Turns out the kids talked the whole time, and Emily was staring at her husband while he was snoring on the couch).  Got to hospital around 4:30 am.  Was between 4-5 centimeters.  Set up  - got IV for antibiotics.  The blew my left vein and had to re-do it in my right.  Painful.)  Around 5-5:30 I was 6 cm.  Got epideral.  Contractions were CRAZY strong and painful.  Of course had contraction while getting the epideral.  6:45 I was a stretchy 7, almost 8 cm.  Got catherer put in at this point.  Austin's heart rate kept dipping with each contraction.  Had me sit up in the "throne" position to see if it would help.

7:05 His heart rate kept dropping really low with each contraction. He would go from around 160 to 80.  Kind of got scared hearing how sluggish the heart rate was during each contraction.  Nurse came in immediately.  Thought that cord might be wrapped around and that it was tightening with each contraction.  Set me up for amnio-fusion.  It is an interuterine catheter used to put warm IV fluid into the uterus to hopefully cushion him during the contraction so the cord wouldn't be so tight.  Already 10 cm at this point.  If possible they wanted to hold off to get the whole 4 hours of antibiotics.

7:15 - low, low dip in heart rate.  Put me on oxygen.
7:17 - gave me a shot to stop my contractions to hopefully give him a break.  Kept flipping me back and forth "like a pancake" to see if it would help him at all.
7:20 - Called Dr. stat.  Nurse said we needed to just get he baby out - set up stir-ups.  Heart rate started going up again at this point.  Waiting for Dr. DeChamps.  Another Dr. (I'm thinking a resident? - Michelle something) was in with me while we waited for DeChamps.
7:28 - Started pushing.  Contractions were more spread out because of shot given earlier.  Gave me pictocin to start contractions again.  First several pushes were worthless - couldn't feel anything because the epideral was so good and contractions weren't as strong yet.  Asked me if I wanted to stop pushing and wait it out for the antibiotics.  Opted to just keep going.

I finally started feeling the contractions again up top which helped out big time.  Also, they had me hold onto handles instead of knees.  When I held me knees I put more pressure on them than on the actual pushing.  The handles were fabulous and I got a serious shoulder and back workout (as I found out the next day).  Pushed and pushed - made tons of progress.  Could feel pressure (though no pain) when crowning.  Had him stay there in between contraction to help stretch.  Had to stop to wait for DeChamps to come in.  Dr. Michelle was doing everything at this point.  Next contraction he slid right out!

Put on my gown.  Looked good.  Ken told me later that he had the cord wrapped around his neck once.  Took a minute to cry.  Kenneth teared up a little bit - love that.  They asked Kenneth if he wanted to cut the cord - he said no thanks, I told him he had to.  Ha!  He did with the other two and I didn't want Austin to be left out.  Ken didn't even remember cutting Dannys.  Had lots of dark hair and looks just like the other kids - same nose and mouth.  5 lb 15 oz (biggest baby) 19in long.  Born at 8:17 am.  No tearing at all. Pushed out placenta.  Said there was a long cord.

Pediatricians took Austin to look at him.  One side of his chest was rising more than the other.  Could be normal, could mean there is a hole in his lung (called anemo?).  Took him to nursery to moniter for a little bit. Turned out to be just fine in the end.

Because of how small he was they were worried about body temp and low blood sugar.  Blood sugar when born was 30 - optimal is around 55.  Nursed a little, and at the nursury they gave him 11 cc of formula and the blood sugar level went up to around 45.  Ok.

Sunday night weight - 5lb 14 oz.

In nursery during night except for feeding. 1st night slept horribly (baby next door cried really loud).  2nd night was much better.

Monday 4 pm weight - 5lb 11oz.  Checked blood sugar level every 6 hours for the first 24.  Was good.  Discharged Tuesday around 10 am.  weight at discharge was 5lb 10 oz.

Bilirubin -

4/22 - 8 - low/intermediate risk
4/23 - 10.5 - intermediate risk
4/24 - 15 - intermediate/high risk
4/25 - 17.3 - high risk

based on trajectory, 4/26 would be above 20 - critical zone

4/25 received photo therapy to do at home.  Has to be in Bili-bed as much as possible.  Also have Bili-blanket for when nursing.

On 4/26 rechecked again.  Down to 15.1. Definitely an improvement.  To be safe, wanted to do 1 more night of photo therapy.

4/24 stats:
Weight: 5lb 11 oz. - 4%
Length: 19 in. - 17%
Head Circumference: 33.1 cm. - 10%

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